Our Own Lies

Friday, 19 March, 2021

Ideas and the Other Perspectives

“ I feel sad and pity for those people who believe their own lies and the stories they make up in their heads “


A lie is always destructive, and those who lie to themselves, are the ones who severely injure their mid and reality, and their Perception of it


There is no Problem at all to use faults in ourselves in our benefit, the only key to that is to know what’s the difference between the lie and the truth, the imagination and the reality, and if you already know there will be no harm at all, it’s just the other factors that might solidify that imagination over reality, you can create lie to give comfort, or to try to understand something and then it gets perceived by another who spells it out, and make it real, then you become a liar, as it wasn’t achieved yet, but if you truly desire something, and you keep on imagining it, and you start believing the ideas surrounding it with evidence, which is hard to explain, but at a certain it could be achieved, as there is nothing impossible in this world at all, you just don’t know how to achieve your imagination with other’s false beliefs

Imagination is everything, it’s like thinking out of the box of the reality we are living, to sort out issues that has not been sorted yet, but if this imagination is spelled out before it’s time, all what you will get is a destructive force of the lesser minds

Inventors, Story Tellers and Artist had imagination that has changed the world for better




I’m a Communication Engineer, who is an Art and Philosophy Enthusiast

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Ramy Habib

Ramy Habib

I’m a Communication Engineer, who is an Art and Philosophy Enthusiast

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